The Best of Uruguay is a Brisbane based tour company exclusively showcasing the very best of Uruguay on small private tours. Whether it’s restaurants, hotels, vineyards, watching a game of polo or just sitting under a cabana on one of the many beautiful beaches.

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Colonia del Sacramento

Discover Colonia del Sacramento

Situated alongside the Rio de la Plata this historic town will take your breath away. In Colonia del Sacramento you can explore and discover the historic quarter, now a Unesco Heritage listed site.  Lose yourself amongst the cobbled stone streets, the charming old buildings, and colourful shops.

The Portuguese and Spanish influence will take you back in time when walking through its lane ways. Sit and relax at one of the many waterside restaurants and watch over del Rio de la Plata while the beautiful sunset slowly disappears beyond the distant horizon.
This town is famous not only for its architecture but also for its cafes and bars.

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