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What is Uruguay Famous For?

What is Uruguay famous for? Here is a very small taste!

  • Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America, it has about 3.4 million inhabitants with approximately 1.8 million people living in the capital city, Montevideo.
  • The country has a vast wine industry and it is located in the top five producers of wine in South America.
  • Yerba mate is considered the national drink and has become part of Uruguay’s social culture.
  • Chivito is the national snack or meal of the country.
  • Montevideo is one of the most interesting places to see for its art deco buildings, colonial homes and neoclassical performance theatre.
  • Soccer is a very popular sport in the country and it has produced several world-renowned football players such as Diego Forlan, Luis Suarez, Edinson Cabani amongst others. If you did not know, Uruguay won the first world cup and currently has three world titles.
  • Uruguay was the second South American country to legalize same sex marriage.
  • Uruguay, unlike most other countries in South America, is secular – the country does not have any official religion.


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